Advertise & Promote your Content Like a Pro (15 Secrets)

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Advertise & Promote your Content Like a Pro (15 Secrets)

Content Marketing strategies are not so hard to be successful, but they are not enough to ensure all the success you want and need as a brand: you also need Content Promotion, which is part II of Content Marketing.

Before talking about it, let’s make a difference between Content Promotion and Content Distribution. Content Promotion is the set of strategies to for your content to be known, and Content Distribution is sending these ideas once they are done to different media to be advertised after paying a fee.

However, Content Promotion can be great by itself: it is cheaper, and effective. It arrives to every single media used nowadays, such as emails, social networks, or video channels. Content Distribution gets to more people, but through paid ads.

Every visitor is a chance of conversion and even promotion if your subscribers link your content from theirs, so you can keep your website traffic always running with these Content Promotion tricks:

1. Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Advertising your content should be expensive: it may cost you time, but that’s it. Tweeting your content for everybody to see is a great strategy, and if you add creative hashtags it’s much better.

  • If you add shortened links of your landing page, the effect will be greater.
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2. Tweet the name of people who liked the article…

… and thank them for being proactive with your content. This will make others interact more, to be liked by you and be advertised with just a thanking tweet.

3. Mention catchy quotes from your content

It is really important, because it will make people want to read that part and what it means. They will keep reading the whole text for sure. Something like this:

  • Like sleeping on a cloud (Sealy)
  • Milk from contented cows (Carnation)
  • Save Money, Live Better (Wal-Mart)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonalds)
  • Well, you got the point...

    4. Be mysterious

    When you advertise your content, try not to say many things, so people discover the blog post/infographics/whatever you wrote by themselves. This a good strategy for those who like being understood without further explanations… but use it wisely, because not all people from your targets have that ability.

    5. Use social sharing tools

    And be careful with the time you post: before or after a round hour (xx:00) and at night… or when your social sharing tools tell you that people are connected more. These tools are more than useful when you need trusted metrics to measure the use of social networks and how people share social media content.

    • Be careful of the target you choose: if it is international, people from other countries are online at different time zones, so you must have metrics for each country that will be reached by your brand. Even in the US, there will be different times to post your content, so do not forget this!

    6. Don’t forget other social networks

    Facebook and Pinterest are the most popular, so they will need to be covered as well. Each social network is different, so the content promoting strategies will be different, too. Know each social network, dedicate yourself to understand until the very unimportant thing, and discover its advantages and disadvantages, so you will be able to avoid unnecessary mistakes or time lost.

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    7. Be highly visual

    Pictures will help, and if your content is infographics, much better. Less words, more images.

    8. Answer questions on Quora or

    That way people will be closer to your content and will digest it better.

    9. Use automated tools

    They will post your tweets at the time and day you want them to appear, so the only thing you will need to worry about will be choosing the links, hashtags and copy for your tweet.

    10. Add tracking codes to the links you send through email marketing

    This way you will know exactly how many people have read them.

    11. Call to action

    If you have seen this sentence in most of our articles, it’s because it’s necessary!!! Calling people to do something is the best way to be in touch with people and make them be active, and not passive.

    12. Value your contacts

    There are people who do not care at all what you write about, and these are the real people you need to convince. But never forget those ones who have been loyal to your work, and offer them valuable gifts from time to time. That is another kind of promotion: “Did you know that XXXX gave me this for following them and knowing everything about their brand, and using their services/buying their products?” Come on, you know it’s awesome to have merchandising gifts to remember a brand.

    13. Use keywords or keyphrases

    They will help you be active on search engines, and to enhance the effectiveness of the text.

    14. Link to your post from some other of your posts

    For example, we mentioned some points before that we have talked about calling to action. And we shared a link from a previous article, so this will be great for you to promote your own posts for yourself without any external help. But remember: you will always need people to promote them; they are the best help you can have.

    15. Remember that traffic leads to leads (sorry for the pun)

    As we said before, people who link your content from theirs let you appear better in search engines. People who subscribe to your content give you their email and an opportunity to send them important info that would also be translated into conversion.

    Follow social media traffic, that’s also necessary.

    • People who follow you through social networks consider you are a social brand and will advertise you for free. So this is the best Content Promotion strategy ever: people!

    There are many more ways to advertise and promote your products, and in Wegacha our experts in Content all of them in the palm of their hands. Send us all the doubts you have and we will have the answers for you in less than a click!

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