Guess What is the Amazon's Product Tool Launched in 2014 That Everyone Wants to Have

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Guess What is the Amazon's Product Tool Launched in 2014 That Everyone Wants to Have

It is so amazing to see how a company can change the world. Amazon, which started in 1995 as an on line retailer selling books, is extremely far from the Amazon we know in these days. Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos always wanted to make this company an Everything you can imagine store and he definitely made it.

This giant of selling early found out that e-commerce was - and still being more than ever – the emerging way to sell. The e-commerce has enormously gained ground compared to physical stores and Amazon is clearly one of the pioneer’s in this branch.

As Craig Bergman, Amazon's Vice President of Global Communications said in the All about amazon section of the website, they are so surprised about how the company has grown massively in very short time. In this article, he explains the economic impact that Amazon has: creating new jobs, improving small business to grow, the promotion of new investments, and so on.



However, in the early 2000’s, when this store developed to other product categories, Amazon’s founders realize that there was more to do than simply sell other’s things and that is how this big enterprise began designing its own things.

That’s how, in 2004 Amazon first product was released to the market, a sort of virtual yellow page. The following years, some others products kept appearing, all of them were digital and, a few years later, the company took a risky move with Fiona or how we know it: Amazon Kindle.

A new era of gadgets that combine physical and virtual services born to stay and look how important they are nowadays! Almost every person has a kindle e-book, an Amazon prime membership; maybe is member of Amazon video, music or fire TV, perhaps has Alexa as its personal assistant!



Just like in Star Trek movies, computers capable of talk to you, solve your problems, do your shopping and many other features are finally here. You don’t see them, you don’t touch them but, you can talk to them and they will immediately answer. Some of them are related to certain topics and some others go further. Alexa can be present in almost every area of your daily routine and life.

But, Alexa? Who’s Alexa? Don’t you think is way too much hiring someone just to do everything for you? That’s the deal of this, Alexa is not a human being but, she can perfectly serve you, even more efficiently, faster, better and cheaper that any employee.

Alexa is a personal assistant that works based in artificial intelligence with very sophisticated software designed and launched by, of course, Amazon. Based on the success, helper Siri had on IOS devices, the developers decided to go deeper in this kind of business and this is how Alexa born.

In case you were wondering about why choosing Amazon’s helper and not the one from Google, Microsoft or Apple? We have to say that all of them rock on computers and mobile devices but, Amazon’s one goes further than the others. When we say that Alexa can help you in almost any aspect of your daily life, we are far from lying.



The most accurate answer to that question is: yes! Even so she’s not a traditional worker at all. So, how does Alexa work? She is literally the brain behind an entire branch of products Amazon has to offer: Echo is the division of products specialized in digital assistance. The Echo tools are basically a wire-less speaker with an integrated microphone and they have Alexa built-in. Dot and Tape devices also designed and sell by Amazon work with Alexa system too.

If you want to be sure about Alexa’s success, keep in mind that Morgan Stanly said in the Seattle Times that Amazon has sold more than 11 million of Echo products and they also manage the 70% of the market specialized in virtual assistance by artificial intelligence.



Yes, as incredible as it sounds! The designers of this software were so focused in offer something so innovative and different from the competition that they thought about a program with a very natural voice that actually learns through your cloud, your commands and many other sources as the webs you visit, your social media accounts and so on. To access, you will need any physical device mentioned before and all you have need to activate it is say the word Alexa as it is set as the “Waking up word”

By adding this virtual assistant to your life you will find out all the responsibilities you can delegate. Alexa can wake you up, tell you how the weather is outside, can make to-do lists for you and also help to solve them. She can order anything you need from a store, even restaurants, can call someone for you and manage features of your house like turning on and off the lights and air conditioning system. You just have to ask her and she will answer so fast you can’t imagine it is possible.

The Amazon Echo gadgets are perfectly designed to fit in any decoration style, as they are going to be part of your house furniture, you will be able to choose characteristics like color, material, and size. The prices also varies based on the equipment you pick, from 30$ to 230$ or a little bit more is the price rank Amazon offers you in tools with Alexa built-in.

On the other hand, there are other ways in which you can access to Alexa’s services, downloading an app to your mobile phone can help you. Also, Andrew Gebhart from CNET admits that third-party enterprises in charge of manufacturing all kind of electronic devices have started to include Alexa in their products, from lamps, to air conditioning system, refrigerators, televisions and so on.

No matter how busy you are, in which branch you work, how fast your lifestyle is, virtual assistants will be always a great option to help you out organize your tasks and give yourself some freedom of responsibilities. A fact we cannot discuss is that artificial intelligence is here to stay and Alexa is one of the best ones.

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