Chatting with a Bot has never been so useful

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Chatting with a Bot has never been so useful

Like we have been noticing, Artificial Intelligence is getting involved in almost any area of our daily life. Despite the fact Bots are not a brand new technology, the use of this recent modality has increased considerably in the last years, making enterprises have much more traffic in their webs. 

It is complex software based on AI, with the abilities of doing tasks by itself. Booking a reservation in a restaurant, reminding you someone’s birthday, compile and show information asked by the user and many other functions can be done by a bot.

The main purpose of a bot is to serve people; they are adopted by companies which works offering services and products. Lately, the developers have integrated chat systems to operate the bots; they are the famous chatbots we all know in these days. They are very beneficial for our e-commerce business.

Bots are so friendly, now they talk!

A chat bot works through a series of algorithms that simulates a conversation with a real person. This idea resulted very clever and it has had a giant success; maybe because the fact that 90% of the total time a regular person spends using a mobile device is in e-mail and instant messaging apps, said Niko Bonatsos.

In the early beginning of this trend, chatbots were based on individual apps, it means you had to download certain app in order to use a chat bot. However, this had to change very quickly. Like the founder of Chatbots Life said on his website “the average person uses 3-5 apps per day”. So, the idea of having an extra app did not fit on the market. Lately, the concept changed to integrated into other apps or systems chatbots

Advantages of this change are many, by having a chat bot integrated in other system or app, the user saves time and money; creating accounts, log in, updates and storage occupation are no required. For example, let’s say you use an IOS phone, so all you have to do is talk to Siri and your task will be done. Maybe, you rather using Google’s one and by saying Ok Google, this chatbot is ready to answer all your questions.

Who are the faces behind this brilliant idea?

Giant enterprises are betting in the creation of this new brand of Virtual Intelligence, some of them are known by everyone; Microsoft and Google are a big part of this project. They definitely will not have any problems in developing, as we all know these companies run the software and internet’s world.

However, they are not the only ones. This trend is on the eye of many investors and technological companies, just like the case of Facebook; whose owner, Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Facebook Messenger will count with a chatbot integrated in everyone’s contact list.

Also, Zuckerberg is offering some of their employees to help shorter enterprises to develop their own chatbots in case they cannot afford them individually and bring your business to another level.


Where all this popularity came from?

Several factors have influent this tendency. First of all, chatbots are a very rentable system; they are constantly learning from the users and they are capable of doing certain activities without supervision. This all means that they actually can serve as employees in an organization, non-salary employees by the way.

On the other hand, chatbots are available 24/7, it all means customers can have someone to solve doubts and make things easier no matter the hour or day it is. Also, the level of interaction a chatbot can offer is higher than a real employee from a big enterprise.

For example, have you ever talk with someone who works in Amazon, Google, or Microsoft? The most probable answer to that question is “No” yet, a chat bot gives the user the sensation he or she is in touch with the enterprise, it makes it more tangible and it leads to more engagement from the customers.


Not only giants are in this mood

Nowadays, great amounts of companies have decided to get into the chat bot world. Not only had the ones dedicated to technology and softwares yet sellers too. Recently many other areas have been invaded for this “employees” that chat with the person, they help to pick products, process the payments methods, even help with the delivery part.

As they no need any sign up or sign in because they are integrated to an existing profile from you, it is simple to them get to know you, your routine and likes. By doing this, they learn about you every day and help you in a very efficient form.


And they work in…

Almost any area! Here are some of them:


  • Retailers: a new way to shop online is doing it by a chatbot; it even can help you with features that may cause doubts such as: sizes, colors and prices.
  • Customer service: nobody enjoys the idea of being put on hold for minutes that seem to be years before solving your concerns; it does not have to happen anymore because chatbots answers instantly.
  • Local services: perfect to use when you are in hurry; pre order meals, book reservations, ask for delivery or hire a specific type of service is better by using a chat bot.
  • Social purposes: buying tickets for a movie or concert, scheduling flights and ferries, reserve rooms in any hotel. Chat bots will show you the very best options based on your likes and budget, just like a real person would.
  • Especial cases: many are the times a chat bod had helped people through its platform; bots that can have unique features for rare purposes. There is a chatbot specially designed to have conversations with people who suffer of insomnia disease. Experts say it can improve their humor and help to reduce suicide cases.


Chatbot + Artificial Intelligence = Virtual Assistance

The intelligent chatbot are a combination of the normal structure of a bot with AI system integrated. Its main difference between this type of assistant and others is the capacity of answering, as it learns constantly about you, it is more related to serve you in more than one type of services.

Organizations create a chatbot for basically one purpose: a restaurant for reservations and orders, a store for selling and delivering, a doctor's office for appointments and payments, and so on. However, a virtual assistant is without any doubt more than that, it actually can combine all the options mentioned before.

Another interesting characteristic can be the wide info they can accept and understand from the user, which is considerably higher than another type of Chatbot. Voice and texts are both acceptable forms of introducing input yet not only receiving, virtual assistant can text and talk to you, and they do.

Also, based on the fact that a virtual assistance belong to any other platform / developer, it can and takes the information from that account, your profiles, your contacts, researches, likes in social media and many more sources of information so it creates a cloud from your data.


The Top 4

Siri (Apple)

It is a VA integrated in iOS that works in Apple’s mobiles devices. This system works with software that processes the voice or text input of the user to answers questions, gives recommendations and even performs some tasks delegated by the customer.

Siri is one of the pioneer on this area, first available on Iphone devices, later in Ipod and Ipad too. Some of the activities this assistant can do for you without any effort are: calling someone, remind a pending task, take a photo, set alarms, text someone on the contact list, and many more. Nevertheless, functions are not limited to the built-in on the device; with internet connection the options are wider.


Alexa (Amazon)

Different from Siri, Alexa works based in very sophisticated software designed and launched by Amazon Inc. Moreover, Alexa is far from being limited to phone devices. Amazon created a line of product called Echo that includes from lamps, to clock, air conditioner control and others; through Alexa, all this elements can be managed.

It is said that Alexa is the most advanced personal assistant based on artificial intelligence. However, this industry does not stop and Alexa will have strong competition soon enough.


Google’s Assistant (Google)

By saying “Ok Google” all the engine starts working for you. It also works beyond mobile phone, google’s watch and speakers also have this system built-in. From asking anything, delegating tasks, and get extra help in your house is possible by using this assistance.

It works in mobile devices that work with android OS. Also, it can connect you with any other platform you desire, like YouTube, Netflix, Uber and many more.

To sum up, no matter which one you pick as the one that is going to help you in your daily routine, having a virtual assistant is common and, it is even considered necessary for some others.


Watson (Microsoft)

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