Growth Hacking? We got it in 7 Tips & Tricks!

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Growth Hacking? We got it in 7 Tips & Tricks!

Beyond the concept of “marketing”, there is “growth hacking.” They do not mean the same, since marketing has a rhythm that should not be forced, while growth hacking is a quick and aggressive strategy that ensures your brand a good level in a short time.

Sean Ellis coined this term and marketers associated it to fast growth for startups. But once again, this is not all growth hacking has to offer: it is for people who know what they want and want it now.

Learn here how to grow your business and your brand in 10 simple steps that will ignite that fire you need to start with all the success!


1. Revenue is the main goal…

…but it is not the only one to focus on. If you have free-trial customers, the goal is to make them trust you more to the point of totally buying, and that will be achieved by showing them your product in many ways: info about it, direct communication with your representatives, discount offers… everything you need to do is allowed! (if it is within the legal terms, of course). Videos, or funny, user-friendly tutorials, great FAQs and other tools will be amazing to turn low confidence into instant conversions that may last an eternity.


2. Assure loyalty to your brand through repeat business

If you have the opportunity to give offers that can repeat themselves through time, do it. This is the case of loyalty cards, which will help you a lot if you use them wisely. They will make your clients buy more your products or ask more fr the services you offer, for them to fill the cards and get gifts that will benefit them.

  • The key? Pre-stamped spots on some of the cards, just as some researchers did to know how far the impact was on people. It was amazing, since they mixed their cards between the ones pre-stamped and some that were plain. The pre-stamped ones had a greater impact on people to the level of increasing revenues in large numbers.


3. Email marketing, the right way to get directly to them

When you want your customers or possible customers to engage to your brand, ask them for their emails. They will not accept immediately if you start annoying, so the best way is promoting yourself on social networks without talking too much about yourself: talk about interesting contents that people enjoy reading, or new contents that make people interested on reading and knowing more about you.

  • Do not mention yourself all the time; just one or two in a subtle way will be good enough to be known… Convince them through actions and useful info translated into knowledge; let your content and engagement to people talk better about you and your business.
  • And another point: no more fields. Further information will come later with no effort at all; just focus on their emails and the rest will come soon, maybe they would even ask you to have more info to be contacted!


4. See the difference between good headlines and the best headlines

Percentages increase in a good way your conversion rates. Statistics, numbers, rates… call them as you want. But they will change your conversion rates drastically because people like proof, and if you can offer it, you will succeed at making people see you as a potential brand to buy. Try it, it will increase your followers over 40%.

  • Juicy headlines can be found on creativity. Play with it until you get something attractive to sell in less than 10 words.


5. 3rd Party audiences and platforms are essential.

Influencers and partnerships are really important to help you grow up. Youtubers have promoted millions of brands that maybe were popular, but become even more popular when promoted by a popular character most people follow and love.

Additionally, if you are on a partnership promoting others, they will promote you back and both brand will grow up quickly. People who like one of the brands will start trying the other one, and both will be tried by more people who will be engaged to both of them.

  • 3rd party websites are also a big help: they have the people you need to approach to. Sing up on the most important ones and some not so important, and they will teach you many lessons if you just are aware.


6. Know your competitors and understand what people like about them…

… but don’t engage in stupid fights trying to compete with them in a tricky way, attacking the other just because it’s an enemy. You can learn from your competitors, not as enemies, but as people who try to do the same you do with other resources that could be more effective if you don’t know how they work. If you see other related brands as your enemies, you will be trying to win just because. The point is not winning a competition, it is about being a great brand that understand what customers want.


7. 10 seconds are enough to ask for more engagement

After 10 seconds a person spends on a website, it is fully understood that they want to read more, it does not matter if it’s 11 seconds or 30 minutes: they want more and you will call them to action. Ask them if they want to know more and then ask them for their email. It’s that simple, and there are tools to add highlights that will help you with this.

When you have a detailed list of what to do and what to avoid when thinking of growth hacking, you must know that Wegacha is behind every strategy that works, but we are also behind every strategy that fails, to see why it failed. Count on us to know which ones can work depending on the type of business you have, but be sure they are going to work!


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