¿IGTV o Youtube? ¿Cuál es mejor para tu marca?

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¿IGTV o Youtube? ¿Cuál es mejor para tu marca?

For a while now we have seen this discussion arise on different pages across the web without them talking about which is easier and optimal for a brand that makes videos and doesn’t know where to post them.

Before IGTV, brands preferred using Youtube and Instagram itself (even though you can only post 1-minute videos on the feed) to post their creative videos showcasing their products and showing interesting ways people could use them.

Now, they have to choose between 2, Instagram (IGTV) or Youtube since their format is different.

If you take a look at a video made in IGTV you will see that they make full-sized vertical videos while Youtube makes full-sized horizontal videos.

This means that you won’t be able to post the same video on both platforms unless you want some black bars on your Youtube video or an awkward horizontal video on IGTV.

Picking which one to post in depends on some features as well as personal preference. We are here to guide you through the pros of cons of each so you can get a clear view on what you should do.

Amount of users

Youtube has been with us for more than 10 years and has 1.8 billion users in it while Instagram has close to 1 billion of users using it to post pictures and see what people are doing but not yet using IGTV to its fullest potential.

You will have more people seeing your content on Youtube than on IGTV because they have videos as their main feature on it while Instagram still is experimenting and seeing how people react with IGTV.

If you want a secure platform where you can publish your videos to a bigger audience then go for Youtube if you want to be one of the pioneer brands that use IGTV and move it forward then go for IGTV.

A little note to have in mind is that IGTV may work out and surpass Youtube or it may crash and close its doors. It’s a risk you would have to put in a scale to see if it’s worth it for your brand.

You could try and publish content for both platforms too, but you have to remember that you would have to edit twice or even make two shots with different angles in order to make them fit in the specific platform ! (Vertical video for IGTV and horizontal video for Youtube.)

Integration with other platforms

An important category when it comes to pushing your audience from your social media accounts towards your content or vice versa. Youtube gives you a place in your caption to add your social media links which is ideal for people that want to follow you on different places without having to look everywhere for your username.

IGTV kind of like cheats in this category since it’s integrated inside Instagram making it easy for people to see your content (if you have a good community behind your account)

Other than that it doesn’t have any other place for you to put your username for other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

This means that if you want people to follow you on more than one social media account then you should go for Youtube, if you only want people to follow you on Instagram then you can go for either of the two without any problem.

A cool added bonus IGTV gives people that follow you on Instagram is that they pass them a small notification showing that you have new content for them to see on the top right corner. This is useful if you are looking to get as many followers to look at your recent video without having to do anything. (You should still make a post on your account to get more traffic to your video)

Ease of use

This category is subjective since some people like more options when posting their content while others like it to be as straightforward as possible.

If you want it to be as personalized as possible then go for Youtube since it gives you a vast array of options. If you want something closer to posting a pic on Instagram then go with IGTV, it’s fuzz free and easy to use from day one.

People prefer more options when it comes to posting a video so video creators will tend to go more towards Youtube.

When it comes to how people interact with the platform and how easy it is to browse through it and find videos, Youtube wins by a long mile with a simple interface and snappy site.

Don’t get us wrong, IGTV is a great platform to see videos too but it depends on swipes for 90% of its functions and it doesn’t have a site to use on a laptop, making it less functional than Youtube in terms of watching a video.


Which one should I pick?

Like we said in the beginning, having to choose between one or another is based on how much you want to risk, going for Youtube is the safe option but won’t make you one of the first using it so you will have to fight your way up. IGTV is still in its baby years and they are still tweaking it so people haven’t started using it 100% to post videos.

People prefer to see videos on horizontal mode and IGTV only lets you post videos on a vertical format, meaning that Youtube will be the first option people will think of when going to see a video.

If you want to risk it then go for IGTV and start posting content now that people aren’t using it as much as Youtube, if you are lucky IGTV will explode with an innovative feature and destroy Youtube which would put you in a privileged spot.

Are you still thinking if you should create videos for your brand? Go and ask us here and we will help you give the first step and guide you through the whole process!

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