Inbound Marketing for your Business!

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Inbound Marketing for your Business!

How is it possible that you are still cold calling people or relying solely on print advertising to see if they want to try your product? Are you back to the future or something? Because your customers would not like to see anymore those techniques so innovative… 30 years ago! 

And these techniques are called outbound marketing, the best way to lose customers so fast that you won’t even see it… Have you heard about inbound marketing? It is exactly the opposite to the previous one for obvious reasons: the strategies are designed to convince people with subtle messages to buy that aren’t necessary forcing people to see and try the product as in the evident case of outbound marketing, which is an anachronism nowadays.

How can you do then to start marketing your business the right way? Stay here reading so we’ll show you how to increase your conversions and sales in more than 30%.


1. Be SEO friendly

However, do not be too friendly to the point of being so technical that the text looks like it was made by a computer and not by a human, one capable of transmitting feelings and real connections with people. Use keywords, Alt Texts, H1 & H2 and others...


2. Use Keywords

And be careful of which ones you choose, because they will attract more or less customers depending on how well they fit on each and every search engine.


3. Create accurate meta descriptions

And use keywords here, too. Remember that SEO is the most direct way to get what you want from search engines and the Internet, in general.

  • Keywords are for titles, general text or content, and meta descriptions. In other words, keywords are for everything as long as they are not repetitive or look so empty that all people will realize they were not made by people, so as we said before, be careful with the keywords you choose and choose them as people will look for them. See what’s popular in search engines and then create good keywords that adapt themselves to these engines.


4. Check the traffic at every moment

Bonus: be proactive in many social networks, write blogs, see what people like or not, and show even tutorials or webinars to improve the quality of your product.


5. Call to action from time to time

Not all the time or you will sound boring and repetitive. Just some times a week to remind people that they can be active in the purchase of products without the need of being directly told “Buy our product”.

  • “Write what you like about us” or “Sign up here for more info” are better strategies to get people involved without the boring and obsolete need of asking people to buy the product.


6. Is it for smartphones or for browsers?

Next suggestion: try not to be so attached to the traditional one-way mode of doing things. These days it has been very popular changing the website process of functioning from browsers to smartphones, since the user experience is completely different and surfing a website on one or the other will be completely different, too. Be responsive, and your customers will be responsive as well.

 Check this Google tool to test: TEST HERE

7. Each type of person needs a different type of content

Then, satisfy most of their tastes, not only one (which we hope is not yours; it’s the worst you can do, since you are not selling the product to yourself or only to people who think like you).


8. Synchronize your marketing strategies

If there is more than one inbound strategy you are using, synchronize all the content with all the copies, the posts, blogs, infographics, and other methods you have learned and posted to increase your followers, conversions and sales.


9. Make your landing page react to every visitor in a different way

And here comes again the thing about user experience. Be unique and make others realize that you have many things to show, and each person will have a different part of your website.

 Need a super dooper landing page? Get it HERE


10. The easiest way to capture clients is through forms

Yes, forms. And don’t forget: less info, more conversions. It is only necessary a call to action saying that you want them to be part of a world of knowledge where they can learn not only about your product, but also about things related to it and to the brand, and the fields of Name, Last Name and Email. That simple.

  • If you want to add more fields that’s up to you, but it is not strictly necessary! People get bored filling forms.

 Fact: It might have been the way you got to this blog post, so yes, it's very powerful.

11. Be sure of how each person land on your website

Track every single landing: there are many programs that can help you. Knowing this will help you improve the weak ways you are using, and keep the good ones up. It will also help you marketing those places better.


12. Use Google/LinkedIn AdWords campaigns

You know how it works, right? Well, you will need to learn a lot about it to see its functioning. The same will happen with LinkedIn campaigns: if you want to reach more numbers of audiences, you will need to perform good campaigns in order to be the best social brand.


13. Do you know about Return On Investment (ROI)?

If you don’t, this is the right time to discover it. If you want to insert paid ads on certain websites or networks, you will need to decode the results for you to understand how your business is working in terms of profitability and conversions, among other characteristics. An ROI tracker becomes then the best tool for this purpose.

Now that you know how to turn your gray business into a colorful one, what are your waiting for to call Wegacha? We will give you a hand on what you want to achieve: let us know how we can help and that inbound campaign will be the best ever!


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