Is Amazon gaining ground with Google?

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Is Amazon gaining ground with Google?

Amazon and Google, the two giants of e-commerce, are among the 4 most valuable companies in the world, along with Apple and Microsoft.

The appearance of Alexa to the strategy has produced that more and more users access directly to Amazon to make searches on products. It’s forecast that by the end of 2017, Amazon will get 4% of Google's search volume.

What are we losing?

The Wall Street Journal referred to Amazon as the "sleeping giant that could one day challenge Facebook and Google."

Who has a better chance of winning the race for the most valuable company in the world?

Amazon and Google have quickly become the most important channels in the discussion of e-commerce.

The two giants of e-commerce operate very differently. Amazon does not use shutters to classify It’s products, while Google uses signals from websites, social media and other elements related to the search.

Although Google became our family ally years ago as the leading Internet search provider, Amazon has quickly joined the market that buyers turn to.

The user's intention also varies on both platforms. Some experts believe that the purchase intention of the buyer is much greater on Amazon than in Google, which means that users who first turn to Amazon probably make faster purchases.

Amazon is participation in the digital advertising market is currently in the market through Facebook and Google, but, Amazon has an important advantage in this space because of its relationship with brands and a large data base of purchase preferences.

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