Reasons why you should use videos in your next marketing campaign to boost sales!

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Reasons why you should use videos in your next marketing campaign to boost sales!

When it comes to effective marketing strategies there are many options that can serve your purpose and adapt to your needs, the type of business you own will definitely have an impact in choosing the right one. However, there are some tactics that are way more effective than others that will surely help you promote your business.

Technology has made it easier to access many of these different tools, and videos are the best way to get to your desire audience and make a strong impact on them. The uses and purposes of videos are so wide that allow you to promote a product, express your company’s values and send a positive message. And even though there are a few cons for using videos in your marketing campaign the benefits will surely convince you to start using them.

First of all let’s see what the cons of using videos for marketing campaigns are:

  • It takes a lot of time: you need to carefully select not only the message you want to convey, but the best approach to do so through a script, then if you decide to do it yourself, you need to dedicate some time to edit, and if you decide to go to an expert;
  • It costs a lot of money: To get a real quality video editing with professionals you will have to invest some money.
  • It is difficult to apply: not every company has the means and time to hire professionals to set up their marketing videos, and prefer investing their own time in other tasks that might be more urgent to their business.

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These negative aspects are surely important and a big deal to consider, however there are so many benefits of using videos, that there are good reasons that defeat these disadvantages.

  • Videos increase rate conversions up to 80%, most people watch videos before buying a new product to understand it better. Using one on your landing page can help you raise the number of conversions.
  • Since many companies are still afraid to use videos, it’s a benefit for you to use them over your competitors; this will make you stand out from the rest.
  • Videos are the most engaging strategy, most people are visual and using videos in your campaigns allows you to get to your audience in a more charming way, moving their emotions.
  • They help you build trust, we all know the key to succeed on content marketing is through building a relationship based on customer’s trust in your brand. Don’t focus on just selling and allow people to know you, your brand and values.
  • They can be used to explain new concept, whether it is an improvement to your products or process, changes in your policies or the launching of a product, through a video you can bring these concepts to life in an easy and creative way.
  • They encourage shares through social media: if you present a video that touches customers, whether because it is funny or emotional, people will share it with their friends and family using their social media. This will increase your viewers and will more likely bring new traffic to your site.
  • They are good for SEO: If you upload a well optimized video on YouTube, it will appear on Google’s results pages, ranking you among the first, and therefore increasing your viewer numbers. It is important to include the link to your website, this way you will attract more traffic.
  • Videos are mobile friendly: videos represent 50% of online mobile traffic, it is a high percentage and if you use videos, your brand will be among these figures.
  • Videos represent a great part of the total of web traffic. More than 70% of online users watch at least one video on YouTube every week.
  • Placing a video on YouTube will give your brand visibility: It is the second biggest search engine after Google, which is YouTube’s owner.
  • They allow real time interaction: People love commenting on videos, and sharing them with their own thought, you don’t to take a survey to get your users’ feedback.
  • Videos are for the long run: They stay online for a long time, so after your initial investment in the creation and editing process, your video will continue to appear on search results without needing extra payment.
  • They are a direct way to closing the purchase: While TV ads, for example require people to take further action to close the purchase, you can include a link or banner to your video that goes directly to your shopping cart.


Using videos for your marketing campaign is possibly one of the best strategies out there, since it builds relationships with your customers, opens interactions and creates an impact on them that will last through time. We’ve all watched at some point a video that really moved our emotions, made us laugh, and sometimes even shed a tear, making us feel whatever brand is behind it is worth of our attention.  There are hundreds of examples, of excellent marketing videos that have caused a great impact on the people, let’s some of them:


  • Mobile strike: it is an online multiplayer game, and this spot was streamed on 2016’s super bowl. It was the video with most views that year with over 102 million views. It depicts famous Arnold Schwarzenegger in hotel elevator where a battle takes place with tanks and swat team, all over the phone to play the game.
  • Always: This video is a great example of using a video to target your specific audience with an emotional message that engages them and makes them feel like the brand understands their personal issues and problems. It show different women and girls talking about things people say, judging them for playing sports and having athletics skills. It encourages girls to pursue their passion no matter what, it has over 20 million views.
  • Android’s friends furever: This lovely, yet funny commercial shows different short scenes of unlikely animals interacting together, a dog swimming with a dolphin, or a cat nursing dogs. It talks about sharing experiences and touches viewer’s emotions.
  • Facebook’s tips series: On this series Facebook uses videos to easily explain users how to work on some specific functions. It is a great, yet simple way to help customers understand your product, and how to make the best of it.
  • Blendfest: This motion graphic video explains what the festival is about and invites people; it finishes with a Call-to-Action and a link to buy the tickets for the event. It simple, fun and engaging.


There are thousands of examples you can find to see how big companies use videos to promote themselves, the important key is to notice that it isn’t just about selling; it’s about effectively communicating a message that reaches a great number of viewers. It is up to you to set the tone of your video, after you decided what information you want to share through it.


The success of your marketing campaign will depend on various factors, but following these tips will get you one step closer to achieving your goal:


  • Make sure to pan carefully the message you want to convey before deciding the best approach to it.
  • Tell a story; don’t jump into selling your product. Use your video to tell a story that generates a reaction in your viewers; help them feel engaged to your brand.
  • Introduction is essential; the first 10 seconds are crucial and will determine if people are interested or not in what you have to say. Make sure to start with a catching introduction so viewers feel the need to so what is going to happen.
  • Make it mission oriented; don’t focus on describing your product, but the solutions it can bring to buyers. Talk about your mission, and values and not your product.
  • Be creative, don’t be afraid to take risks, nobody wants to see a dull video with dumb explanations, be funny, perky and convey your message in a way that awakens emotions.
  • Use a catchy title, it needs creativity as well, let the title be easy to remember, so people can easily find it and recommend it to others.
  • Make sure is mobile friendly, remember there are a huge number of mobile users, and don’t lose the opportunity to get to them.
  • Be short, you are not producing a movie, avoid long videos that will get people bored and will probably make them stop the video and not watch it complete.
  • Add value; don’t settle just with letting people know your product, offer them something more, provide them with solutions. You can create tutorials, through motion graphics to teach them something new.
  • Use music that touches emotions; make sure to complement your images with the right music. Chose a song that accordingly with the purpose of your video, creates the perfect combination to cause a greater impact in your audience.
  • Displays a link to your website, the videos you use are a great way to attract traffic to your website.
  • Add a Call-to-Action link at the end of the video, there’s a purpose why you created this video, make sure your audience is clear on what to do next.

Don’t wait any longer and start designing your own marketing video for your next campaign.

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