SEO 101: The Basics of SEO Optimization

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SEO 101: The Basics of SEO Optimization

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Most people nowadays know what the meaning of SEO is, even if they are not familiarized with Internet terms at all. Why is that? Because they know that if they appear in search engines they are someone everywhere, and not just at a local level. This is the reason why you have to be clear on what SEO means not only as a term, but also as a concept and as a life changer.

First of all, what is the meaning of SEO?




Done! It means Search Engine Optimization. You knew it before we made the question because you know how important it is or will be if you have a website, blog, social network, etc. Is that right?

And what is the accurate relevance SEO has on you and your viewers? Simple: as we said before, you appear everywhere. Just a click after a specific search and your website and content will be seen in the first places, if not in the first one. How do you reach that level? With Search Engine Optimization.

Look how it works: search engines start looking for your content in search of keywords that people write when looking for something. For example, “Where to find golf clubs in New York”.

Imagine a SERP (Search Engine Result Page): if people look at it, and want to search info about golf clubs, and OH!, you sell golf clubs in New York, that’s the beginning of a new romance. You must have a perfect website with adequate content, and then this content must follow the rules of SEO, which we will mention later, and then it will be easier for you to be on the top websites and be better found in a specific search engine or all of them, as you wish. The key is to be indexed the right way by search engines.

So, what should you have to do to get that #1?

You can always pay to be on top

Paid search is one of the most popular ways to avoid all the work from free SEO and have success on being visible without too much effort. Your brand will easily appear on top of page 1 from the search engines you chose. However, this strategy is for those who can pay, and does not last much time since you must renew your contract for another period of time. More time on, more money.

If you prefer organic SEO, the free one, that will cost you only time and good strategies not so hard to follow.

How do I get a successful organic search?

You will need patience and lots of great user experience. Why user experience? Because search engines such as Google are taking care of what people enjoy from a website, to file these ones into the good boys. This will make your website grow as well, and you will appear where you want: in first place, on top.

There are two ways for a search engine to do a research: 1. When the answer is too obvious that it is not necessary for the search engine to abandon its engines (it has the info), and when the question is difficult to find, so the search engine need to consult other websites that may have that info (it must leave the SERP to find an answer anywhere else).

Researches have shown that websites that are not at least in the top 5 positions are almost not visited, so their traffic is tiny to nonexistent. This problem multiplies if your website is not even on the first page of search.

1. Be relevant

If your keywords are not relevant, search engines will find it out immediately and will discard your website to be in the first places. Searches have unique algorithms that can be hardly understood, so the only way to keep up their pace is to know certain information from the people who search, and to understand what they want exactly.

2. Be fast

Check your speed, because search engines also look for the best speed to index your website better.

3. Be true

Keywords, even when we are mentioning them, are thing of the past. They must be in the text, of course, but they must be unnoticed as they haven’t been ever before (and they were so hard to introduce in the text, remember?), so the most important thing that has to be inside your website is the user experience. It is essential to be found, since your content and media will help you promote your website.

User experience as a SEO strategy is the evolution of SEO, to make it friendlier with people and not with machines. It provides human quality to the website, which is what we expect from any website, and some search engines such as Google are understanding that part.

4. Be a good linker

We have showed you that the best user experience is that one that gives you a human interaction more than the one you have with machines, so this is another good point to take into account: show as many links as you can, but in an organized way, and try not to exaggerate with the links or you will overload your website.

5. Be responsive

This is another enhanced characteristic for SEO. Search engines will get if you are mobile friendly or not, and will list you depending on that, too.

What's a responsive site? See below image for reference


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6. Tag pictures accurately

This is another good way of positioning your website without too much effort. Just tag your pictures with a precise info that works as a keyword, and that will be it.

7.  Use title tags and meta descriptions

For meta descriptions, writing less than 156 characters is a good level. They will describe your website under the URL that appears in the search result pages.

For title tags, use keywords that describe your brand, but always remember you are writing for human readers.

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