The Perfect Headline is Possible! Read Here How to Get It

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The Perfect Headline is Possible! Read Here How to Get It

We told you in previous articles that headlines are one of the best, shortest options to get attention from your customers. It is so important to have a headline that most experts think that a good headline is even more important than the article itself.

And why are headlines so important, more than the article in many opportunities, not to say all of the times? Because people choose to read the article just if they think the headline is worthy enough to have a full view of the content.

Just think about this: how many times have you scrolled down on websites before and after you saw the headline? Most people take into account not the article, but the title it has, and here is essential to know how to get the attention of people.

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1. Follow your heart, but follow your customer’s hearts, too

There are many headline formulas and samples that will help you, but you should always know what people like at the moment of posting.

For example, 50 or 60 years ago marketers did not care about their headlines and just advertised the product with a simple “Buy XXXXX because it`s the brand everybody uses” headline, and a brief description of the brand, which included the idea of many people using it many times. And people bought it because they wanted to feel part of a group. Nowadays, that ad would sell not a single item.

  • How many mistakes can you see in that ad headline? Let’s see: 1. Direct call to action without no engagement with the customer. 2. “Everybody uses it” is not an excuse: everybody could just take a shower with a soap made of dirt and that is not a valid reason for anybody else to do it. 3. Is there any proof that certifies that “everybody”, which is a mistaken generalization, uses the product. And there may be more mistakes… can you mention them?

2. Choose an attractive content and type of info

If you want your headline to be awesome, your content and type of text must be awesome, too. Choose interesting topics related to your business, and then choose what kind of text you want to have: infographics, lists, articles…

  • Choose an attractive one, but always change the type not to be so repetitive.
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3. Numbers, numbers everywhere

Include data, a specified quantity of tips, or something that needs a number, and you will make your headline even more attractive.

4. Call-to-action phrases never fail

Verbs or phrases that make customers feel part of your article, interact with it, and not only be passive readers, these are the real words that call to action. Make your texts more personal by talking directly to your potential buyers. If you ask your audience to do an action, they will read with more enthusiasm and your headline will help you get more readers for your article.

  • What’s the difference between “The advantages of doing exercise” and “Try these tricks: The advantages of doing exercise”? Easy: the second one catches everyone because it is talking directly to them.

5. Promise…

… but never make a promise that you can’t keep. Including promises in your headlines is another way of catching people, but only if those promises are something that will come true. If they are not, people will not read your texts never again, and you will fall down until you change your strategy… or your whole brand.

6. Have you tried questions? And exclamations work, too!

Make people wonder about your content, or let them get surprised at the facts you will say in the article. However, do not abuse of these resources.

7. Avoid sensationalism

And avoid attacking your competitors. Be clear, concise, direct, never judge or be offensive, but always be polite and real. Never show topics that are not real just to get more customers… other websites already do it, so let them be. You have your own style, and if you don’t have it… create one!

8.  Micro-scare your audience

Why micro-scaring? Because the idea is not scaring them at all, but only adding simple ideas to make them avoid an action you wouldn’t like them to do, like writing boring content. In this sense, micro-scaring people with real mistakes from real people is an effective way to make your audience keep reading.

  • Do not manipulate people with lies or exaggerations. Sooner or later they will discover your tricky tactics and will leave you alone.

9. Use emotions if you can

If the content gives you the opportunity to make more sensitive topics, we mean, if the topic is not very theoretical or mechanical, do it. This action will create a greater bond between you and your readers.

10. Always change the formula

Mix the types of words you use, such as numbers, verbs that call to action, catchy adjectives, and others. Remember this is not like the basic Subject + Verb + Object, and you can play with words, always keeping a coherent structure and the goal of seducing your audience into the rest of the text.

You’ll have these types of words to play with:

  • Verbs (and Call-to-action Verbs)
  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Guiding words (How to-, for example)
  • Positive/Negative words

Once your headline performed its job of attracting readers to keep scrolling down with interest, your content must be a fantastic one, to close the whole text with success. Don’t forget Wegacha to write them for you and make that hard part the easiest one!

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