Your Brand Will Need These Social Media Inbound Strategies to Boost Up!

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Your Brand Will Need These Social Media Inbound Strategies to Boost Up!

Do you remember how life was in the 80s and 90s, and even in the 2000s, almost 20 years ago? It was a lot different from these days, right? Well, that’s why you need to keep up with the latest ways to grow your business, since the marketing applied at those days is now forever gone.

If you have had more than 20, 30 or even more years in the market, this is the right article for you. Before we continue, we must ask you a question: how have you been active for such a long time? And then we will answer for you: reinventing your brand. No one wants brands that get stuck in time and do not reinvent themselves. That’s the real deal of being a must brand.

How else would you think that they are still in the market? Because they know that times change, and the strategies they used in the past and were a success are not going to work anymore, because of one single point some people forget: the audience that receives the message is not the same from those times or are not the same age they were when these strategies came up, and young people are the one target anywhere, any time!

Here are some points that you may not have taken into account to get the boost you need in this social-media age, and you will need almost for sure:


1. Keep track of a good content

Search for information that could be related to your brand, and know exactly what your audience likes and dislikes. Then keep up with the latest updates of every social network that is popular (and those that are not, too), and then post content depending on what is trendy on every social network.


2. Don’t have a style: be the style

Your brand must show an essence of what you are, so your logo, motto, background image and everything that represents you is completely professional and accurate. Your brand also must show the true colors of your marketing and the intentions and purposes you have behind a cool logo.

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3. Post twice or more than twice a day

One post every day is not enough to show how interested you are in keeping your audience and adding more people to it. Two posts is the minimum to ensure that you will have a great bunch of followers and people who really trust your brand.

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4. Following others is a smart move

Even if they are your competition. Remember these words: nothing is better than knowing everything you can about those ones who are in the same business.

  • Follow their followers, too! They will become interested on what you have that makes the difference between you and the brand they like. Retweet or repost from time to time a good thing they wrote or shared; this will make them feel engaged to you and to your brand.


5. Thank every compliment…

Be close to your audience by thanking them for following and liking you, and they will feel even closer to you.

  • And do not reply them three days later, please! Each person values immediateness, so try to be accurate and fast answering, for them to see that you really care about each customer or follower. Remember that all of your followers are potential customers, so keeping them happy is the best way to obtain a successful conversion!


6. …and thank every complaint.

You’ll see: you know that even when we are not expecting them, there’s a ‘hater’, maybe a troll, or a person that just does not like what you are doing. Or a person that loves your brand, but does not like one particular characteristic about it or about your posts, thanking them for following you or any other thing.

What should you do, ignore them? NO! Thank all of their suggestions, complaints and even insults with the politest answers, and ask them to recommend you how you can do to improve your brand and make it more attractive for them.

  • Well… if it’s just a hater and they keep pestering, just ignore them, but first make sure that they are serious about their complaints and not just simple trolls who want to make you waste time on them. And remember: never get into a fight, ever!
  • If the thing should be more personal than a cold ‘thank you’ reply, then answer them with private messages or emails to attend their case, and if there is any problem solve it immediately.


7.  Be direct and fast

Sometimes you will need to be at late hours checking your accounts; that will depend on how the traffic to each one is working, and for that you will need previous metrics. Then, do not beat around the bush: be clear and concise, and answer quickly to be the best brand ever, you’ll beat records!

  • Be also personal, intimate… if you are the type of guy that likes to say a few things and all of them sound like a prerecorded message, that’s not what you will transmit to your brand, right?


8. LinkedIn also exists, you know?

Yes, it may look boring and plain to be a social network, but it is not, and if you want to be even more professional, one of your goals must be LinkedIn. Period.

  • Please, be aware that jokes and things like that are OK for networks such as Facebook or Twitter, so you must know the difference between each network to know what to post!

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This is the way you must drive your brand to get the best from every day, so be careful with what you do and don’t ruin it not posting or not taking care of your customers, since they are the ones who really build your brand. And call Wegacha to choose and write the best content for you!



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