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Be Remarkable

A strong value proposition will help your business get noticed. A good 'side-effect' is that you'll be able to reduce both your marketing budget and advertising costs drastically.

The value proposition is a statement that answers the 'why' someone should do business with you. It must convince your potential customers as to why your service or product will be of more value to them than similar offerings from your competition.

Why Value Proposition?

BECAUSE it's the key factor that will set your business apart. It's both how your company will solve your clients' needs and what will distinguish it from the competition.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Remembered

The goal of brand identity is to create loyalty, awareness and excitement so your business, products and services can be easily remembered.

It’s the promise you will deliver to your clients based on both your business mission and what you want to be for your clients.

Why Brand Identity?

BECAUSE it allows people to clearly identify your business in the markets and countries where it operates. It conveys the personality as well as the core values your business stands for.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Impressive

When it comes to making an excellent first impression online, a properly-structured and well-designed website is of paramount importance.

Your website is the core element of your web presence since it allows your business to provide information as well as to be found mainly through Google.

Why Web Building?

BECAUSE it helps people understand what your business can do for them. It's the key component where design and content allow both to persuade and convert visitors into clients.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Bold

By driving your customers to a specific product or service, you prevent hesitations and distractions usually caused by your website menus.

A landing page is a stand-alone page - kind of a mini-website with just one page - that's built and designed for selling one specific product or service. In essence, it floats alone, only accessible either from a paid ad or from a link that's usually provided in the marketing content (i.e. the call-to-action in an email.)

Why a Landing Page?

BECAUSE it's the fastest way to capture leads so they can be nurtured ("warmed up") and converted into clients for a specific product, service or offer before sending them further into the website.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Found

Having a great website without SEO is as meaningless as having a cellphone without a SIM card, meaning your business will neither be displayed nor found in Google's results pages.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to activities that allow your website to be easily found through Google. In the search results, Google displays pages it considers 'authoritative.' Authority is measured by analyzing the number and quality of links from other web pages. In simple terms, your web pages have the potential to rank in Google as long as other pages link to them.

Why SEO?

BECAUSE it's the most reliable process to attract qualified leads (potential customers) regularly to the website of your business. It's the way your business can be found giving answers and providing solutions to people's problems and needs. SEO is vital for your online business when it comes to long-term commitment.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Trusted

Positive reviews will help you earn credibility from people who know nothing about your brand. People are becoming savvier when they shop and are becoming increasingly good at managing their expectations through customer reviews.

Reputation Management is basically the professional practice of crafting strategies to boost positive reviews. It's the appropriate way to shape or influence the public perception of your business on the web. It helps drive public opinion about your business and your brand.

Why Reputation Management

BECAUSE it's nearly impossible to sell a product to a customer that doesn't know, trust or believe in your brand. If people know the name of your business, they'll Google it. It's just what people do. They're not just googling your name; they're also reading your business reviews and talking about your brand on social media.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Fresh

People will behave and make assumptions towards your website the same way they do with vegetables and fruits. They prefer to choose what looks fresh while avoiding anything looking outdated or 'rotten.'

Website management entails several tasks, which includes updating the website content and cleaning up any bugs. Managing your website will also prepare the site for future growth, as the site hosts more visitors and offers more services.

Why Website Management?

BECAUSE the content and functioning features of your website must be both updated and monitored. Should your site happen to crash without warning, it would be disastrous to lose all of the data and content that you've worked hard to put together. Backing up your website will allow to restore the most recent version of the site.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be Profitable

While websites are great for information and exploration, they're NOT savvy at turning traffic into revenue. With PPC, you must have landing pages that prompt your visitors with ONE focused goal instead of leaving them to wander a site full of distractions.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a model in which you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked. Essentially, it's a way of buying visits to your site rather than attempting to "earn" those visits organically, meaning through Google search results.

Why PPC Advertisement?

BECAUSE it's the fastest way of generating targeted customers to your landing page. In a nutshell, PPC gives you a substantial amount of traffic to your website for a predictable amount of money in less time.

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Digital Marketing Services Miami

Be In Control

Explained in simple terms, Metrics and Analytics is getting data in a way that works for you. You'll be able to monitor your marketing channels in one place and get actionable insights with robust in-depth technical analysis. Also, you can identify which keywords your competition is ranking for, which helps discover areas of improvement.

You’ll be able to get all the aforesaid data through our all-in-one state-of-the-art dashboard for running your business online. It's called Ficsme SaaS, our proprietary client portal that allows you to measure, analyze, and improve your online performance.

Why Metrics & Analytics?

BECAUSE it allows you to track and manage all of your business data in one platform. It lets you get insights, measure your website rankings, and monitor social media performance.

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