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Email Marketing

In simpler terms, using email as the channel for marketing is "Email Marketing." But the question is, how good is it? Well, according to Adobe, millennials spend somewhere around 6.4 hours reading their emails every day. Additionally, according to another survey, 91% of Americans want to receive promotional emails. So, considering these numbers, email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses out there. It is an easy way to build interest in the mind of your target audience, and increase the sales in return. So, to reap the benefits from email marketing, what should you do? Well, just give us a call.

Why Wegacha?

You might find several companies out there that provide email marketing for your business. But the question is, why should you go for Wegacha rather than any of those. Well, first things first, we are BETTER than all the others. It's hard to believe at first, but here are some of the reasons that make us the better choice among the rest.

  • Do you want to save money and time? We have got you covered! We provide our clients with email marketing software so you can manage everything without needing to invest a lot of time and money.
  • Do you want to increase your sales? The competent experts at Wegacha make sure you get higher sales through strategic email marketing.
  • Do you want reliability and support? Our team of professionals makes sure you get 24/7 customer support whenever you need it.
  • Do you want the best bang for the buck? Our competitive prices and inevitable, positive results will make sure that you continue working with us for the longest time.
  • Also, we get a whopping 58% click rate and a 41% open rate with our email marketing. Want to learn more about our Partners and us? Click here, and don't forget to see all our awards and mentions!

Services We Offer

Unlike other marketing companies, we offer a range of services for our customers. Here are a few of our extraordinary services.

  • We offer our clients a typical email marketing for promotion, or bulk email marketing services to gain the attention of a broader audience.
  • Our services include seasonal email marketing so you can market your products when your business is on the rise and attract as many new potential customers as possible.
  • The newsletter marketing program allows you to expand not only your customer base but also the image and brand of your business. It's always better to be the industry leader!
  • Our constant updates through email marketing keep the customers updated about each and everything, so they don't miss out on anything!
  • Our survey email marketing allows you to get insights about the products and services, so you can always be ahead in the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and take full advantage of our extraordinary services!

Where To Find Us?

Wegacha is one of the leading businesses in email marketing, and you can find us at 66 W Flagler St, Miami, Florida 33130, USA. Are you too far away to come directly to our office? Not a problem. Contact us at 305-547-9753, or email us at hello@wegacha.com. Moreover, for all the latest updates about Wegacha, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

With email marketing, we create targeted messages to the customers who have signed up to receive emails from your site or who have made purchases from you. We send well-worded and effective marketing emails to them to get them back into contact with you or back to your site to learn more about what you can offer to them.
You have already spent a lot of money on marketing to bring these buyers to your site. They have bought from you (or not). Now, email marketing allows you to bring them back for another purchase or a first-time purchase. It is an effective way of reaching customers or potential ones.
With email marketing, your business benefits from people who already know your product and service making a secondary purchase. Return purchases are more affordable in terms of marketing, and they are highly accessible. They can be one of the best ways to increase profit margins with ease.
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