Case study: Successfully increasing traffic and conversion rates for artTECA

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As marketing growth specialists, we understand that the speed at which change tackles businesses is overwhelming for long-time owners and entrepreneurs alike. Customers necessities and ways to connect to brands keep changing and evolving year by year.

So in order to stay ahead of the curve we all need to change accordingly; that idea could be terrifying for most with the stigma that -new- in business needs means too many numbers. In reality, if you find the right people, updating essential aspects according to the present is a small investment compared to how much there is to gain.

The problem is that many brands run out of options and people to tell them what they could be doing better (or just start doing).

The changes we talk about here come mostly, if not all, from marketing. At the same time, impulsed by communication technology and the revolution of social media platforms that have helped mold the patterns brands need to infuse the most time on to land their business and achieve digital success.

Just like businesses need people carrying out different tasks simultaneously so that it can perform suitably, we must ensure digital resources are managed appropriately as well, otherwise you are risking to lose a great deal of customers. Hence our point.

But again, just like in traditional business, decision-making processes require a series of steps that if not followed, the price can be high. In this case, launching a website and opening a Facebook account with your brand’s name in it and just leave it there is a waste of money and potential.

We understand that  being online and doing the right job to get recognition by search engines while convincing the audience that your brand is what they need is means running tests, doing follow-ups, monitoring and metric analyzation.

And such was the case with the client we talk about this time.

The client

artTECA is a women´s ready-to-wear apparel and accessory brand offering an exclusive collection of pieces that are printed with limited edition artwork by contemporary artists from around the globe. They fuse art and fashion and give women the opportunity to shop unique and exclusive designs, while also making an impact in art education with each purchase made.

The issue with artTECA was that they were very low on online sales.

After revising the structure of their website, the essential weaknesses that needed to be attacked to make a so-needed transition in the brand’s low selling were: the webpage was to be redesigned: accessing lacked speed and poor compatibility, thus, biased potential customers would bounce off the site and look for another option elsewhere.

Another liability was aesthetics; we took a look at what the brand stands for and after agreeing with the owners, we decided it wasn’t attractive nor representing enough and after that, we finally recommended to start a blog to raise SEO possibilities and users’ engagement.

Furthermore, the website demanded SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improvements so that Google’s job of categorizing was made easier. It was clear to us why conversion rates were so low then, if google could not find them, who would?

The last urge we considered was critical to assess was that the brand’s website required boosting, our choice in this case was to use Facebook paid ads and adwords. afterwards, segmentation was made accordingly, along with personalizing and increasing their mail listing with things such as creating hurry and offering discounts.

Solutions (Provided services):

Our concrete steps to achieve the results we will show afterwards were the following:

Website Redesign
Advertising (facebook & adwords)
Lead Magnets Creation
Banner Design Creation
Improved UX on website
System Integrations
System Automations

    artTECA already had a website where you could shop their products, but it needed some serious refurbishment. Concisely, our choice with artTECA was to design an efficient and appealing website that allows its users to flow smoothly and generate confidence among clients so they know whatever it is they are buying, they will get it.

    Within the market, the brand has great appealing and originality itself so the product spoke by itself. Therefore, our intention was to lead people to the new website and its blog with the use of ad campaigns in social media, to raise awareness and show the brand to a larger audience to create engagement with.

    The results


    After optimizing the brand’s website along with the implementation of the strategies mentioned above, so far we have provided artTECA’s webpage with a total of 42% of traffic incrementation during the span of 4 months.

    The creation of this traffic was generated through the use of Facebook and adwords, confirming the effectiveness and reach of these campaigns.



    Client’s opinion


    “Working with Wegacha has been very beneficial for our e-commerce business. The site is so much more efficient, it is very easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile, and our customers love our interface more. That has given us much more traffic, lower bouncing rate and a higher conversion”

    Claudia and Flavia Giardinella, artTECA