The brand known as Notebrooke is run by Brooke Carrie, a lifestyle and fashion influencer based in New York City who looks to show other people how to dress and live with style while staying healthy.

The popularity of fashion influencers has skyrocketed all across the world making it a profitable choice for people into dressing good and looking to care for themselves. This is the case for Brooke who looks to inspire others with her unique style while helping them with actionable tips for their everyday life.

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The Problem

She looked for someone who could make her website and hired them, after this she tried to bring people towards her blog with little success even though she was succeeding on social media. She looked or ways to improve her website but didn’t get anything to click.

To top this off, she was looking for a way to add a shop inside her webpage for people to able to buy an item they saw in any of her posts.

Frustrated by the website someone had built, she decided to contact us so we could lend a helping hand in regards to her website in general.

The Solution


  • Optimized website
  • Shopstyle Integration
  • Video Gallery
  • Responsive Design
After taking 1.5 months to fully optimize her website and add in the details, she fell in love with the site. The end result was of a professional fashion blogger and had the product shop ready for anyone to use.

The client retention increased by 28 percent because the overall page was responsive and with better content.

The video gallery was an addition people were delighted to see since it put all of the videos into one place her community could see.


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