With more than two million followers, Camila continues to inspire and elevate those around her with her captivating personality. Designed in Miami and produced in Italy, Camila describes her pieces as fun, colourful and as an extension of herself, showing the passionate essence that characterizes her.

Her biggest inspiration: women. Conceive the brand as a tribute to women, their tastes and preferences but above all the strength and heart that is in each of them. For that reason, each model is named after women who have marked their lives, first their mother Rosario and her sister Valentina who left much earlier than imagined. Behind each design, there is a unique story!

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The Problem

Camila had a poor and unprofessional website. No good images, products didn’t have a white background and they were all in different sizes, descriptions had spelling mistakes, navigation was confusing overall, the site was not optimized for a great customer experience. In addition to this, they were not shown how to use the backend (admin) of the site. The people in charge of the website were not familiar with the process and the way things work.

The Solution

Our concrete steps to achieve the results we will show afterwards were the following:

  • Website Redesign
  • Lead Magnets Creation
  • Banner Design Creation
  • Improved UX on website
  • System Integrations
  • System Automations
  • Usability consultation
After all, we managed to give Camila an optimized website, ready for purchase and person to person training on how to use the admin dashboard. They were so happy with the outcome they hired us to create social media advertising campaigns, we created Facebook and Instagram ads plus some google ads campaigns.


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