Is a US-based premium clothing company which looks to open people’s eyes to all of the injustices of the world. They want young people to speak up and discuss the problems that our world has while still looking good and dressing with style.

They play with their clothing designs with the idea of making you stand out and be different from the rest of the crowd without making you look over the top. High-quality materials are a high priority for them which make their pieces last longer and look better for a longer period of time.

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The Problem

Although they had high-quality products going for them, they lacked a modern looking website and content distribution across different platforms in order to get the name out to the world which were big setbacks in such a competitive industry like fashion.

They knew what they needed to be doing but didn’t know how to start, that is when they decided to contact us in order to set a guideline of what should be done in order to get the brand up and running!

The Solution

  • Corporate manual
  • Website with Shopify features and modern design
  • Social media strategy
  • Content distribution
They were happy with their new responsive website which was up to date and easy to use as well as with their content distribution across different platforms including their personal blog on their website.

We started by designing their website from scratch while integrating Shopify for their products to be sold right from their site. We also are creating content for their Instagram account on a daily basis while taking in mind the strategies we thought about in the beginning.


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The comfort Enoz team is extremely grateful to Wegacha after the huge help they have done for us. The service and marketing plan they have put together for our project has been incredible! The website, the email marketing, the design, the ads... everything has been spot-on! Will definitely keep on using their services to grow our brand and become a leader in the fashion industry in the future

Comfort Enoz