Their project is about selecting a group of small farmers, measuring their current production, providing them with the resources to improve their harvest and allowing them to sell their Cacao in the form of chocolate. All this through a partnership that the brand established with Small Batch Chocolate Makers to manufacture chocolate and with the members’ support to create a market for these farmers.

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The Problem

The award winning brand Finechocolateclub has a wonderful initiative to preserve the market of Cacao farmers of the finest raw materials from rural parts on all over the world, though doing such task needs support and to attract people to join the club and help with this cause. What better way to do so than strengthening the brand’s online presence?

The Solution

Designing a website where users could find essential information of the project right away was the most important part of the strategy. We elaborated a pleasant domain to go to, with smooth chocolate inspired designs, a store with the finest product selection, how the proposal came to life, a section showing the awards won throughout the past years, a newsletter to build trust and keep in touch with members and contact information including physical address.

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