Rafael Rodríguez is a Muay Thai fighter and personal trainer based in Miami. He started my training back in 2007, since then, he has traveled 4 times to Thailand to learn Muay Thai from real masters.

Are you ready to get fit? His personal training packages can help you get the results you want regardless of your age or current fitness level.

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The Problem

The brand Fucho wanted to increase its customer base and needed to be introduced to the online Miami marketplace.

The Solution

If a brand isn’t online it doesn’t exist. Therefore, in the case of Fucho the best approach was to design a website with straightforward access to all the pertinent information regarding trainings, package rates and contact.

With Miami as the location, we created a SEO-friendly web page for which we made a marketing video and went highly active across all social media channels. Plus, we developed a custom made phone app to engage customers and create loyalty.

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