Based in Chile, SouthAm is a full service manufacturing freeze-dry facility that processes only the best-quality produce and one of the few to offer BRC, Organic, Kosher, and Non-GMO certifications.

SouthAm's own line of freeze-dried fruit snacks, called Isofrut, uses state-of-the-art technology and its production is overseen every step of the way — producing the highest quality foods made from real fruits. By doing so, they bring people the best nutrients, right from the source — in a healthy, crunchy, bite-sized snack.

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The Problem

SouthAm knew that Isofrut has the potential to go international and they were particularly determined to expand to the United States. However, they were undecided regarding which marketing approach to take and was overwhelmed with factors such as consumption culture and language, brand protection, distribution and operational procedures, etc.

The Solution


  • Website Redesign
  • Lead Magnets Creation
  • Banner Design Creation
  • Improved UX on website
  • System Integrations
  • System Automations
Wegacha helped SouthAm understand the North American market and worked with their team to introduce the Isofrut brand to the country. With usability and conversion in mind, Wegacha built an ecommerce website for Isofrut, along with system integrations and automations to improve operational efficiency. Isofrut's visually appealing product combined with a competitive price tag also gave them an edge in the market.


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