Food is an industry that can be successful if all of the important points are in check, this is the case of La Milanesa which is a Restaurant in Venezuela people are dying to go to.

They have brought from Argentina one of the most important dishes their cuisine has to offer, which is the “Milanesa” as it is formerly known as and people fell in love with the twist La Milanesa created!

They top their Milanesas with different ingredients so every customer can order their favorite one rather than have a plain milanesa with nothing.

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The Problem

When restaurants start becoming popular in their city they begin to get more people asking questions about their menu and if they can make a reservation (which is the goal of any business) until they see how many employees they need in order to manage all of the requests.

La Milanesa had this problem in particular, they had been growing at a rapid pace for a while and their customers started to grow with them, a fresh set of people started to ask for the menu in digital form so they could see it before setting foot inside the restaurant.

The Solution

  • New Responsive Website (Created in 1 month)
  • Organized Digital Menu
  • High-Quality Images for Menu and Website
  • Easy to Use Contacts Page

The website was created with their customers in mind, meaning that it was as quick and responsive as any other high-quality website out there!

Now, they could interact with all of their customers without problems while still having time to do their main work in the restaurant.

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