LATAM Freedom & Development Foundation (LatamFDF) implements educational programs as a means to develop agents of change and empower future leaders to generate a positive shift in their environments. LatamFDF supports humanitarian aid programs which give access to the most basic needs of every individual and establishes strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations, creating innovative projects that improve welfare.

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The Problem

Nonprofit organizations such as LATAM need special assistance when it comes to gathering funds for their social/educational programs. The urge for social media and online presence is of great importance to sustain such a system.

The Solution

The Wegacha team of designers came up with a fine tuned website, visually engaging for those looking to be a part of such a labor. Also, it is very responsive and informative about the institution’s projects so that no matter the place or moment, LATAM’s proposition can be easily appreciated. We created an inviting video with a strong message to show across all platforms including their website and attract more donations for the cause.

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