Palma is a modern and minimalist nail salon which at the same time offers a wide variety of spa services. Here their customers can comfortably take care of themselves while enjoying an exceptional service. The mission at Palma is to make clients fall in love with their unique facilities and give them the best attention, care and professionalism that is required.

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The Problem

The biggest lack Palm had was that they didn’t have a website, so they were losing way too many customers due to this. An extremely useful resource we incorporated in their case was a reservation platform, somewhere customers could book an appointment swiftly and from any device (Laptop, tablet, phone) without even having to speak to anyone.

This helped everyone save time and money. Allowing everyone to focus solely on making customers happy.

The Solution

Since Palma needed to put everything in order as soon as possible, therefore, they requested us to do a website within a very short span of time. So we delivered a fully functional, aesthetically sound and SEO optimized website in a week’s time.

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