Pimpos is an Australian brand founded in 2013 and looks to bring vibrant and quirky apparel to people all across the country. They bring in designs from all across the world and sell them to other stores and people alike. Their high demand on several products like the shoes from The Hot Chocolate Design have made them a valuable online store for people looking for a product that has good quality and a unique design.

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The Problem

Creating an online store with unique items can be hard if they do not have any online presence or website, making it impossible for people to buy anything from them. Pimpos was in a spot where their strategies weren’t working and were looking for a solution.

At this point they decided to contact us to work together in a fix to all of their dilemmas. After this we saw what they could work on and what we could change in order for them to have more leads and general engagement.

The Solution


  • Website
  • Integrations
  • Automation
  • Marketing Apps
  • Consulting/Advertising
  • Social media Management
Now, their website was ready for people to come and learn more about their products and brand while making it easy to buy any item people wanted.

After creating a good online presence, traffic started to flock towards it, making leads more common and lack of customers a thing of the past.


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