Startup Strategy P2P Consultation

Brand New Gig!


When coming up with a new idea that one might think could fit the market just right, entrepreneurs and companies need to plan rigorous strategies in order to make that idea a winning one. But the planning doesn’t stop at market or marketing-related strategies, money and people are also needed to engage and bring life to your ideas. Some entrepreneurs think that doing all of this through their own means isn’t hard.

Actually, every idea is different and the approach you take is totally relative to its purpose, therefore, you can lose yourself within the range of possibilities and jeopardize a potential profitable product. At Wegacha, we believe the P2P Startup Strategy Consultation provided by our marketing gurus is essential to guide startups identify the shape and vision of their product to bring it to reality.

What you'll get

  • Deep Market Analysis based in our expertise in the field of market research.
  • Feasibility of Technology
  • Competitors and Relevant Players
  • Product Definition, Product concept and pros and cons.
  • Experimentation and Market Validation Plan
  • Up to 40 hrs of person to person (P2P) consulting

    What we need from you

    • Your pitch deck in PDF format
    • A link to your company’s website
    • Background on how you started your company and what you’ve done since day one
    • An overview of your vision for the company


      Is this service P2P?
      Yes, we will send our best agent to the place and time of your convenience. You get to have your own personalized professional in your office for up to 40 hrs a month.

      What happens after I purchase this service?
      We will contact you to coordinate and book your best time for this consultation to happen. It can be in your place or anywhere you decide.

      I still have some questions. Where can I get help?
      No worries. Just call +1-305-547-9753, or shoot us an email at