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Tailored Business Plan Creation

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From Small Business Loans to Visa supporting documents, we can help organize your current business operations into a thorough business plan to prepare for the future, optimize operations, raise funds, and achieve your goals.

A proper business plan is often the key to securing business loans, acquiring investors, raising funds, and successfully applying for visas or small business loans.

We can help you organize, plan, and present your business in a thorough and professional way, such that you will achieve your business and financial goals. Our business plans include all the required content to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

We include 5-year financial projections, marketing strategies, detailed business descriptions, etc., to meet the requirements of banks, embassies, investors, or personal use for planning and organizing.

What you’ll get

  • 20 – 40-page Word + PDF documents with required info to secure business loans, raise funds, apply for visas, and strategically organize and plan your businesses growth and development (including but not limited to: business descriptions, product/service descriptions, industry/market analyses, competition analyses, marketing strategies, personnel descriptions, financial projections, investment breakdowns)
  • Unlimited revisions – business plans are evolving documents that require updating and frequent revisions
  • Ongoing business consulting and professional support
  • Access to additional business start-up services such as website development and social media management

    What we’ll need from you

    • Questionnaire – to gather in-depth understanding of current business standing
    • Brief consultation
    • 10 – 15 -day timeframe


      • Why do I need a business plan?
      Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals need business plans to: generate a deeper understanding of their business to be well prepared for the future and unexpected events; present business propositions to potential investors and raise capital; apply for investor visas (E2 and L1A/B Visas); ensure strategic and well thought out business growth and development.
        • Why do I need a business plan writer?
        Often times, a business owner will undertake the daunting task of writing their own business plans, as they understand their business better than anyone else. However, those same business owners rarely have a complete understanding of the specific information required by banks, investors, and embassies in order to meet the criteria necessary for raising funds. With an experienced and professional business plan writer, chances of achieving goals is significantly increased, and the amount of work and stress on the business owner is reduced, allowing them to focus on more important business.

          Why Choose Us

          • Customization
          • Experienced Professionals
          • Strategic Advisors
          • Additional Business Support